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2 , 4 - D Amine Salt

Unique Features

1. Aeromine, 2,4-Dimethyl Amine Salt is a selective systematic post emergent herbicide. It is in liquid state and does not require long time for stirring. Aeromin is fully soluble in all proportions and therefore is well adopted to low gallonage spray equipment, even at high rates of application.

2. Aeromine is almost Non-Polar 2,4-D formulation which results in rapid penetration. Any 2,4-D when applied to the foliage, penetrates the cuticle by diffusion. Since cuticle surface is lipoidal (non-polar) in nature and mineral salts of phenoxy acid are polar, they do not match each other leading to slow penetration. Aeromine being non-polarpenetrates the cuticle without any assistance from non-herbicidal compounds. Hence there are rare chances of photodecomposition in the plant surface.

3. Aeromine is a safe herbicide in connection with accumulation in soil and phytotoxicity. Being highly soluble in water it leaches more faster than the mineral salts of 2,4-D and is then absorbed by the soil organic matter or clay colloids. The absorbed Aeromine is then inactivated by Arthobacterium and Pseudomonas present in the soil. The maximum persistency in soil is one month.

4. Aeromine being fully soluble in water is compatible with Glyphostate, Dalapon, Simazine, Paraquat, Diuron for total control of a mixed weed population.

Chemical & Physical Characteristics

Common Name

2,4-D Amine Salt

Chemical Name

2,4-Dimethyl Amine Salt

Brand Name


Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Extractable and exposed as 2,4 D present by mass

720 g/l, 600 g/l, 480 g/l

Equivalent Weight of the extracted acid

218 to 226

Melting Point of the extracted acid

136°C to 142°C


7 to 9


'Aeromine' i.e., 2,4-D Amine Salt 58% SL is a selective, systematic, post emergent herbicides used mainly for control of broad leaved weeds in cereals, tea, wheat, rice, maize, millets etc.


Mode Of Supply

500ml, 1ltr bottle, 20 ltrs. Poly Jars, 200 ltrs. HDPE Drums & 1000ltrs IBCs